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About Us

Welcome to Happy Rottweilers!  We are located in small town Farmington Utah, nestled next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains about 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City.  We have been here for the last 5 years. Before moving here we lived in Florida for 7 years and Washington State for many years before that. We've loved living in different areas, but feel like we found where we want to stay put!

Troy and I have both loved animals our whole lives and grew up with many family dogs and other pets. Together we've had 4 dogs and various other critters and raised our daughters surrounded by as many animal experiences as we could get our hands on.

Troy has a Ph.D. and works as an exotic animal nutritionist. He began his career at Busch Gardens as the nutritionist on staff there for several years; he now works as a nutritionist at the leading exotic nutrition company providing food for virtually every living exotic animal.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years (with various side jobs along the way). Now that our daughters are almost raised, I recently began brainstorming a new path for me and how to turn my love for animals, dogs specifically, and my life experiences into and an exciting new venture. 

Over the years I have found many abandoned or injured animals. My innate ability to love and nurture animals along with Troy's training and work has proven an ideal combination in raising these injured animals and giving our family pets healthy happy lives. 

Outside of raising our daughters, our animals have been Troy's and my greatest joy!  

This passion is what I share as a Rottweiler breeder, lovingly nurturing and raising healthy puppies, in our home, as my own, preparing them for the world and to go home with their forever family!

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  • Troy & Myndee Tollefson